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Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa, Rishikesh, Dharamsala India

Mantra Yoga & Meditation School is an RYS 200, Yoga Alliance-accredited traditional yoga and meditation center in Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Goa & Manali (India), with an additional office in Delhi.Founded in 2016, we are built around the concept of imparting ancient Vedic wisdom to all those who wish to learn more about what yoga and meditation can bring. It is the first school which offers a combined yoga and meditation teacher training in Dharamsala & Rishikesh, so what you learn from us could help you start a whole new career!

Yoga Meditation Teacher Training Retreats in Rishikesh - About Us


Yoga for Beginners - International Certification Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India - About Us

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Standard Certified Yoga Teacher Training course for Beginners and Intermediate practitioners. 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

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100 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh - About Us

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

14 Days – 100 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. This is part of the 28 days – 200 hour Yoga Teacher training program imparted in the school.

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Meditation Teacher Training Certification Courses In Rishikesh

300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh - About Us

300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh

28 Day – 300 Hour certification program for beginners or advanced meditation practitioners who wish to become a meditation instructor.

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100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh - About Us

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh

10 Day – 100 Hour meditation course for beginners & Intermediate practitioners who want to learn more about meditation and how to teach others to meditate.

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Rediscover your soul by practicing yoga and meditation in a tranquil retreat in Rishikesh

15 Days – Spiritual meditation training retreat in Rishikesh - About Us

15 Days – Spiritual meditation training retreat in Rishikesh 

15 Days Guided Meditation Spiritual training and 100 hour Yoga Basics Asana Retreat in Himalaya Rishikesh India.

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7 Days Meditation for Beginner Course in Rishikesh - About Us

7 Days- Meditation for Beginner Course in Rishikesh

Specially designed 7 nights – 8 days course keeping in mind of the requirement of fresher yoga desirous students who wish to enter in yogic life.

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Wide range of Ayurvedic services ideal to take care of your health.

Ayurveda Treatments – Free Consultation - About Us

Ayurveda Treatments – Free Consultation

We offer different Ayurveda Treatments as Ayurveda Massage Therapies in Rishikesh. First consultation with our team is free.

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Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment Retreat in Rishikesh - About Us

Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment Retreat in Rishikesh

7 days or 14 Days retreats completely tailored to your needs.

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We offer yoga & meditation courses, retreats and Ayurvedic treatments in other locations

Mantra Yoga Meditation in Kelowna Canada - About Us

Mantra Yoga Meditation in Kelowna, Canada

Private or group Mindfulness Meditation, Vedic Meditation Class, Ayurveda Massage Therapy and Sound Healing.

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Yoga Meditation Teacher Training Courses Retreats in India - About Us

Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Courses & Retreats in India

We also run courses and retreats in Dharamsala, Phokara, Manali and Goa

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6 reasons why our school is so much appreciated by our clients


We only ever teach small-sized classes, so that each student gets the attention and help that they need.


Yoga experts who know the best ways of granting you the knowledge that you need to become a successful yoga teacher. We only accept the very best, and we think that you should, too.


We would be delighted to help you take those difficult first steps towards becoming a yoga teacher, or even opening a yoga school of your very own, through our strong global network.


Thanks to our individual approach to every student, we will be able to push you to achieve more than you ever dreamed of, and become a genuine yoga master in as little as 200 hours.


We have already successfully taught hundreds of students from across the world, as well as welcoming in many more people to take advantage of our yoga and meditation retreats.


Situated in Rishikesh, widely regarded as the birthplace of yoga, our school offers you the chance to study in one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. Our members of the staff take care of our students you 24/7 so they can just focus on their practice and learning. 


Learn more about this unique and beloved school

Sarvottam Kumar Pathak Mantra Yoga Meditation School - About Us

Our Founder

Sarvottam Kumar Pathak is a Yogi & Meditation Master, who founded Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School to pass his knowledge on to others. He is the senior director of marketing and a spiritual meditation instructor at the school, and is also a founding member of Meditation School Rishikesh – Shree Mahesh Heritage. His spiritual journey towards founding our centre began in 2006, when he first became involved in the Art of Living Foundation. Sarvottam holds a Business Management degree, and is a computer engineer by profession. His keen desire for intuitive knowledge drew him towards yoga and meditation. After continuously experiencing and sharing his Yogic knowledge of the wellness world, he began teaching in 2014, and continues to share his knowledge with disciples worldwide. He is from a Brahmin background, so spirituality is an integral part of his heritage. He has a keen interest and knowledge in Hatha yoga and the spiritual Indian Vedic philosophy.

Our Mission & Tradition 

Mantra Yoga & Meditation is dedicated to:

  1. Helping take yoga and meditation back to their ancient, traditional roots.
  2. Realigning yoga teaching to fit within a modern, scientific framework.
  3. Exploring the various applications of yoga in the hectic modern world.
  4. Fulfilling all of the above goals by training spiritual guides and teachers of international stature.

There are thousands of pathways and methods of meditation known to the yogis. In recent years, a few of these have become popular. The Himalayan Traditional preserves the traditions and methodology from which these few are borrowed. It offers training within a comprehensive tradition, wherein all the thousands of methods are seen as a whole in their interconnected sequences of practices. Individuals from all spiritual traditions and all walks of life are welcome to come and participate.

We welcome you at Mantra Yoga & Meditation School at Rishikesh, India.


Basic guidance about the School

Our Goal: To produce yoga and meditation graduates who excel in both scholarly and practical aspects of these discipline. We prepare our students to become yoga and meditation teachers and spiritual guides, helping them reach out to different cultures and guide them through the journey of yoga and meditation. We believe that spiritual experiences are a vital foundation of education in all academic areas, and therefore teach our courses accordingly.

Pre-requisites: Our courses are delivered in English, so a good grasp of the language is essential. A high school diploma or equivalent education is also required, although we find that most applicants already hold a college degree.

Yogic Accommodation: All of our students stay in comfortable single bedrooms, with WiFi available for use in their free time.  Student travelling in couple can avail the double occupancy stay but no discount will be given.

Who may enroll: The Yoga teacher training & meditation certification programmes listed in website menu pages makes it possible for seekers to find the one that best suits their spiritual interests, time constraints and resources. Personals from all non spiritual and spiritual traditions and all walks of life are welcome.

Schedule of Classes, Study and Practice: The class schedule includes daily classes in Sanskrit , hatha yoga, and tests such as the Yoga sutras, Sankhya- Karika , Bhagavad- Gita etc. Others classes in areas of philosophy , yoga psychology, Ayurveda , religions and yoga anatomy are taught at intervals throughout the month.  In addition to coursework , students have practices aspects of yoga are taught in their meditational context- having meditation as the true experience. Karma yoga or service to the school is a regular part of programme.

Be fit in 2018: Fulfil your 2018 Resolutions at Mantra Yoga & Meditation School with asana practices twice daily. Through regular practice you can; loose weight, reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression. Besides innumerable physical benefits yoga teaches us how to relax, find inner peace, balance, self-discipline and sustainable happiness. With detailed alignment classes daily you will learn from Indian yoga masters how to take your yoga practice back home with you. Be the best you can be in 2018-2019 at Yoga & Meditation teacher training  School India!

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