Meditation & Healing Canada

Meditation Class Training and Healing Therapy in Canada

Meditation and Healing Therapy in Kelowna Canada

Mantra Yoga & Meditation Spiritual Guided Tours Training, Class and Healing Therapy is now in Kelowna Canada.

An Indian meditation & yoga teacher training school specialized Private or group class is now available in Kelowna by Sarvottam.Or if you are interested in joining our certification training Retreat in Rishikesh,India then read our pages of yoga training,meditation training.Feel free to contact me to book your spot for learning various meditation techniques.

Example – Visualization Meditation , Chakra Meditation,Kundalini Meditation,Mantra Meditation,Japa Meditation ,Mindfulness and many more.

The special learning classes are available for any Individual above 18 up to 80 Years.

The approach of learning – Mantra yoga & meditation is originated from ancient Indian Vedic learning & training society and offering eastern spiritual training as well western approach of Meditation training. Psyco therapy and Drug addition-elimination.

You can reach us via an email to book your Private or group class. Home class or Park class.

To read more about our meditation and yoga places, travel to India or helpful information to begin yoga & meditation. read our mantra yoga & meditation blog.