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Nearby Places to Visit & Things to do in Rishikesh
Travel to Rishikesh is always enticing and attracting to global tourists. and why not you are visiting global spiritual God’s abode city known as world capital of Yoga & Meditation.Today you will come to know something very interesting  facts about yoga teacher training school city, Rishikesh and its surrounding. During your training course, you will be taken to some nearby local sightseeing spots. The following are a few outside activities, each of which takes half a day or less. Some are within walking distance , others by 3- wheeler or taxi. These and other excursion can be arranged through selection by Management. 4 Weeks 3 Excursions.

Temples : Many Shiva- Shakti temples are located throughout Rishikesh, Haridwar , Dehradun and surrounding areas. Laxman jhoola has Triambakeshwar Temple – A thirteen storey temple and Ram Jhoola area has some good Ashrams – like Paramarth Nikenta , Geeta Ashram , VanPrastha Ashram and Lord Shiva – Bhoothnath Temple.

Himalayas : An incredible views of the snow peak range can be seen on a clear morning from Kunjapuri ( temple on hilltop visible from the School area ). People go Kunjapuri Shakti peeth for Sun Rise seeing. Other temples have better views but at further distance ( can be done in a one day round trip).

Water fall : Tapovan between Brahmapuri area of Rishikesh has couple of good waterfalls – Neer Waterfall is one of the big waterfall located in serene surrounding and comfortable to go and back in 3 hours.

Caves : Vasistha Gufa ( Rishi Vasishtha was the teacher of the incarnation of Shri Ram ).

Aarti : Sunset light ceremonies conducted by priest the at rivers edge in both Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Ram Jhoola and Lakshman Jhula : Two foot bridge in Rishikesh which go over the Gangas ( jhula – bridge ) . Both lead to a various temples , ashrams and shopping areas.

Neelkanth Mahadev: Lord Shiva Temple is very famous among Hindu pilgrimage as it is said that people who do not have kids,will be blessed if you go with your reverence and request your wishes to God Shankar.

Bungy Jumpin – India’s only one adventure sport is available in Rishikesh

Haridwar and Dehradun : Haridwar is the nearby holy city  that periodically hosts the Kumbha Mela , the Largest spiritual festival in the world , and is the location of many temples and shrines. Dehradun is the state capital , also with its share of holy places.

White Water River Rafting : Can be arranged through local guides on additional costs borne by Students.

Shopping : Much to choose from in Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun.

Brief about localities – from Badrinath Road Tapovan to Ram Jhoola swargashram area is most famous tourist attraction. There are many good places to eat ,relax and spend time for self realization. There are many Organic stores available in 5 to 10 minutes walking distance. Stores offer most of things and utilities which are used by foreigners in their daily life. Restaurants serve you multi-cuisine as per your requests. The closest Hospital is Nirmal Ashram just 2.5 Km from school. You will be pleased to see the surrounding of school. Out of city hustle and bustle  full of lush greenery and 360 surrounded by mountains and view from yoga & meditation school is enchanting and offer you place to self learning and devotions. Being god’s abode city – Rishikesh doesn’t serve you Non Vegetarian meals but foods cooked at school or nearby restaurants are delicious.