Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi

Yoga Teacher training in Delhi India

Welcome to a compassionate and transformational approach to Yoga teacher training in Delhi at Mantra Yoga & Meditation Centre!

Become a fully qualified Yoga Alliance, certificated and recognized Yoga Teacher over a 24 days Non-Residential Yoga teacher training  Program in New Delhi India.

I’m excited to announce that, for the first time ever, About Mantra Yoga & Meditation India contributor Sarvottam Kumar is open to Partnering with Yoga Studio in Delhi and are teaming up to share with you the pioneering discovery that is creating a revolution in our understanding of the process of authentic Yoga learning with spiritual awakening in the heart of India.

Yoga Teacher Training Delhi – Spend 24 days in the busiest city as per your choice of stay and walk to our Yoga studio in East Delhi located a mere 5-minute walk from the Akshardham Metro station. Read ahead if you say (Yes, I am ready!)

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi – This Yoga Alliance-registered 200-hour level Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga course is for those wanting to deepen their understanding and knowledge of yoga, become a yoga teacher and develop an integrated personal practice.

The comprehensive and affordable Yoga teacher training in Delhi program is based on achieving personal well-being through yoga and Meditation. Gain a solid integral foundation in traditional ashtanga yoga from Patanjali to Krishnamacharya, K.Patabai Jois, Mysore led style combined with science and modern developments, for you to advance in your journey as a teacher with greater awareness.

In this training, our focus will be on Intensive Ashtanga Primary Series  & Vinyasa Yoga. We balance with Mantra Yoga release, explore our natural breath in movement, awaken the senses and interact with nature daily.

Here are the five most important things you need to know about this yoga teacher training program on a sustainable city in the English metro side:

  1. Authentic classical yoga techniques are taught alongside the more advanced and highly effective Vinyasa flow variations so you can decide what works best for you.
  2. It is led by the incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced Indian yoga masters and Meditation teachers.
  3. Ongoing training and support are available after the course finishes. You will enjoy continued support in your own practice and in your development as a yoga teacher.
  4. International Certification: Mantra Yoga & Meditation is a Yoga Alliance, USA accredited RYS 200.
  5. The course includes multiple local sightseeing of Delhi to experience the spirituality and dynamics of metropolitan city life.

This program often attracts already-qualified teachers who want a deeper understanding of the transformational power of Yoga and happily accepts those who want to learn yoga for themselves without necessarily becoming a teacher.

From a beautiful location in East Delhi near Akshardham Temple, immerse yourself in the principles of yoga in relation to the body and mind. Explore the physical and spiritual realms of yoga.

The award-winning teacher trainers take a unifying approach in western and eastern traditions to ensure that you will attain Beginner and an Intermediate level of yoga practice and knowledge.

Who can join our 200 hour Yoga Course in Delhi?

Career as Yoga Instructor –career is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. A major part of happiness depends on the success of that we get in a career. Our 200 Hour yoga for Beginner & Intermediate course in Delhi will provide a clear portrait of the influences that will control your professional front. Yoga Meditation Teacher Training Course and classes Increase your knowledge with an International Yoga Alliance USA accredited school certification and become a more in-demand professional yoga teacher!

*Any male or female Individual wishes to become an International certified Yoga Teacher.

*Yoga practitioner who has a minimum of  6 months of existing practice.

*Yoga Practitioners travelling to work aboard as Yoga Instructor

*Yoga enthusiast wish to travel and work abroad with an International Yoga certification

*Mantra Yoga international certification is very helpful to be an international travelling yoga instructor

*Yoga practitioner who wish to become an empowered yoga teacher.

*Certified Yoga teachers who wish to strengthen and refine their teaching skills.

* Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Wellness leader, Healer, Non-Certified Yoga teachers, Ayurveda or MBBS doctors or healthcare professionals.

What is Included? 200 hour yoga teacher training in Delhi


  • 24 Days Non-Residential Yoga teacher training
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • 200 RYT designation with YogaAlliance, USA
  • Teacher Manual, Shatkarma Kriya Kit, essential techniques & training strategies.
  • The body of knowledge & experience transmitted by our faculty.
  • Yoga Mat, Boosters, Yoga Props to Use.

Yoga Books to Read and Study :

*Patanjali Yog Sutra –Bihar School of Yoga

*Yoga Mala  – K.Pattabhi Jois

*Four Chapter of Freedom – Bihar School of Yoga

* Anatomy by David Keil / Leslie Kaminoff

* Light on Pranayama – B.K.S Iyengar

*Meditation from Tantras’ – Bihar School of Yoga

* Guided Meditation by Swami Dayananda Saraswati


Sample of Daily Schedule -2018-2019
Weekdays Schedule (Monday to Friday)Saturday up to Breakfast  –  Sunday is Full Free

Day Begin with Herbal Tea – 07:30 to 07:45 Am

Shatkarma Kriya – 07:45 Am to 08:00 Am

Yoga Asana Practice – 08:00 Am to 09:30 Am

Breakfast –       – 09:30 Am to 10:00 Am

Teaching Methodology – 10:00 Am to 11:00 Am

Yoga Philosophy –  -11:15 Am to 12:15 Pm

Lunch-          – 12:15 Pm to 01:00 Pm

Self Study /Free Timing – 01:00 Pm to 02:45 Pm

Yoga Anatomy –    -02:45 Pm to 03:45 Pm

Yoga Asana –      – 04:00 Pm to 05:30 Pm

Meditation & Mantra Chanting – 06:00 PM to 07:00 Pm

Dinner Time :     –  07:00 PM to 08:00 PM


Day Begin with Herbal Tea – 07:30 to 07:45 Am

Shatkarma Kriya – 07:45 to 08:00 AM

Yoga Asana Practice – 08:00 Am to 09:30 Am

Breakfast –  Free time – from Breakfast

No Classes or Lunch or Dinner. ( Self Practice).

It is a Sample Daily schedule, It may change time to time as per actual training schedule. Contact administrator team.

Yoga Syllabus & Highlights –  24 Days Yoga Teacher Training Course in Delhi India

You’ll learn . . .how  to turn your daily life into a spiritual practice, and how to align your actions and choices with the “evolutionary impulse” at the heart of the Cosmos to experience the freedom and meaning that come from living for a higher purpose.

Alignment Oriented Yoga classes – Mantra Yoga unique course is designed to learn how to teach Ashtanga  Yoga Asana, Shatkarma Kriya, with Pranayama and Meditation. This 200-hour Yoga Alliance internationally certified course will further deepen your practice and spiritual development by offering the ancient Tantric practices of fire ceremony, yantra, Chakras, Kundalini and mantra meditation.

Focus:  physical problems yoga teachers often encounter like back, knees, neck,  shoulders, hamstrings, hips, etc.

  • 50 Yogic Asana – Ashtanga Primary Series, Vinyasa Flow, Standing, sitting, lying postures, Inversion, Mudras and (Yogic locks) Bandhas.
  • Anatomy: profound insights, practical and applications.
  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakras, Pranas, Nadis with regards to physical problems.
  • Asana: adjustments, alignments, prop usage
  • Restorative & Marma Points
  • Meditation and Pranayama: application & practical advise
  • Mudra (Gestures)as support for meditative postures and healing
  • Vedic chanting & mantras
  • yoga philosophy a deeper study

This intensive yoga teacher training course in Delhi uses the approach and style of eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga also known as Raj Yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, modern yoga flows, meditation, Yogic Anatomy, Yoga Vedic Philosophy about Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Dharna, Dhyana & Samadhi with an International certification combined with mindfulness techniques to help you take your yoga practice to the next level. Refer our Yoga Syllabus page for more details of Yoga course curriculum.

The course is also infused with devotional teachings and activities from Bhakti Yoga and variously themed dance journeys which bring a heart-centered approach to the training.

Bhakti Yoga,Jnana Yoga,Karma Yoga and Hatha Yoga : Our 200 Hour Yoga Meditation Teacher Training Course led by experienced Yoga teaching team will also teach you the unique and tested methodology they’ve developed to help you leap beyond each of your inner barriers to self-awakening, so that the freedom and power of Awakened Consciousness can manifest consistently without obstruction.

How to teach Personalized and Group Yoga classes: Yoga teacher training participants will start giving classes within a group of participants in the last week of the training course. It is an extraordinary opportunity to gain teaching knowledge and How to assist an Individual or organize and teach in group classes.

Business Aspect of Yoga Marketing:  In this 24 Days 200-Hours yoga teacher training in Delhi, we’ll share about why most of the yoga teachers are failing to lead a sustained yoga teaching and building a yoga studio or running a yoga course.

Additional support – On Request –Only for Residential Participants

  • Airport transfer to and from the accommodation
  • 24 nights of comfortable accommodations, Single Occupancy Room with Wifi
  • Delicious breakfasts and dinners-for Residential participants.
  • Akshar Dham temple visit.
  • Delhi local sightseeing. – on additional cost.
  • Haven – fire ritual for purification –Opening Ceremony.
  • Kirtan session (devotional singing, mantra chanting)
  • Payment by Credit or Debit Card. Or CASH.
  • Government tax and service.

Teachers: The course is supported by an Indian spiritual master who has guided many Westerners in Traditional mantra meditation, spiritual awakening practices. You will be guided and taken through highly experienced teaching team of Arogya Yogshala and Mantra Yoga Meditation School India. 

Terms & Conditions :Cancellation & Refund Policy

*A Non-Refundable advance deposit is required to book your seat.

*Seat booking is first come first serve basis.

*Transfer to another month course is applicable with 30 days notice before course commencing. An applicant can choose to join another months course within 1 year of enrollment.

*The balance fee is strictly non-refundablenon-cancellable -No Shows and any other unavoidable circumstances.

*The balance fee must be paid upon arrival in CASH in INR or any International currency. (USD, EURO, POUNDs).

  • Please email us for any clarification on housing, food, laundry or additional travel support. – mantrayogmeditation @

Distance from Places around:

* Metro Station to Mantra – 1.9 KM. 5 Minutes  Drive.

*New Delhi Railways Station to  – 9.4 KM Drive.

*From New Delhi Airport: Domestic –  23.7 KM    | International  – 22.7 KM – One hour drive.