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Yoga Holidays in India - Blog Gird

Yoga Holiday in India

Yoga Tourism in India Yoga holiday, tourism India has seen a robust growth over the last two decades. With a...

Mantra Yoga Meditation Training India - Blog Gird
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Meditation for Mental Wellness

Connecting the dots of self-care for improved mental wellness Good self-care is a vital component in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. ...

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Beach Yoga in Goa

Beach Yoga Teacher Training Class in Goa Why to practice Yoga in Beach? Today as we all know that we...

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Mantra Yoga School 1024x768 - Blog Gird

Hatha Vs Ashtanga Yoga

What is the difference between Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga?   Hatha vs Ashtanga Yoga Yoga goes beyond just physical practice....

Palavani Pranayama How to float over water technique - Blog Gird
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Palavani Pranayama – How to walk over water Technique

Learn how to float over water with Palavani Pranayama Technique When you see a beautiful beaches or swimming pool nearby...

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Pranayama The Breathing Techniques

Why Breathing Techniques Are An Ideal Starting Point When you see photos of people practicing yoga in beautiful and interesting...