Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher – Mantra Yoga and Meditation is offering you the opportunity to become a meditation teacher guide through their 28 day residential meditation certification course. The program is designed to cover Eastern and Western philosophies and various Meditation techniques.  It is open to all individuals – beginners to advanced practitioners.  It is highly recommended training course for Yoga teachers ,Massage therapist, Healers, Reiki  practitioners and people who wish to serve wellness community under wellness career. As part of the curriculum you will cover approximately 20 Global meditation techniques including: I.E

  • Mudra,Mindfulness meditation,Vedic Japa meditation,Demo session of Transcendental meditation, Anapanasatiyog Buddhist meditation techniques , Vipassana meditation,Kundalini Meditation ,Raj yog meditation ,Chakra Meditation,Third eye meditation,Mantra meditation, Visualization meditation and many more.

As part of the program you will practice almost 8 hours of each day except Sunday.A day start with walk to mountain landscape continue to basic to Intermediate level Pranayama and Shatkarma practice. You will not only learn how to practice meditation and teach but also will be learning to use various props including: Mala, Mantra chanting , Meditation pillows, meditation chairs, and meditation cushions.  Meditation videos will also be made available if requested.  Included is your certification, accommodation, outings, meals and hospitality. Every week you will be taken on an excursion to explore the beautiful community and Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh.  Depending upon the season your excursions could include: white water rafting, Aarti at the Ganga River, exploring Kunjapuri Temple at sunrise, Vishistha Gufa -Caves, or Neer waterfall.

Meditation Training  Dates & Fees – We offer our unique meditation techniques training program throughout year. Mail us at [email protected] for 2017 Dates and Fee.

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