Rules & Regulations

Goal – Our goal is to produce yoga and meditation graduates who excel in both scholarly and practical aspects of these discipline. We prepare our students to become yoga and meditation teachers and spiritual guides, helping them reach out to different cultures and guide them through the journey of yoga and meditation. We believe that spiritual experiences are a vital foundation of education in all academic areas, and therefore teach our courses accordingly.

Prerequisites: Our courses are delivered in English, so a good grasp of the language is essential. A high school diploma or equivalent education is also required, although we find that most applicants already hold a college degree.

Yogic Accommodation: All of our students stay in comfortable single bedrooms, with WiFi available for use in their free time.  Student travelling in couple can avail the double occupancy stay but no discount will be given.

Who may enroll – The Yoga teacher training & meditation certification programmes listed in website menu pages makes it possible for seekers to find the one that best suits their spiritual interests, time constraints and resources. Personals from all non spiritual and spiritual traditions and all walks of life are welcome.

Schedule of Classes, Study and Practice : – The class schedule includes daily classes in Sanskrit , hatha yoga, and tests such as the Yoga sutras, Sankhya- Karika , Bhagavad- Gita etc. Others classes in areas of philosophy , yoga psychology, Ayurveda , religions and yoga anatomy are taught at intervals throughout the month.  In addition to coursework , students have practies aspects of yoga are taught in their meditational context- having meditation as the true experience. Karma yoga or service to the school is a regular part of programme.

Be fit in 2018 :-Fulfill your 2018 Resolutions at Mantra Yoga & Meditation School with asana practices twice daily. Through regular practice you can; loose weight, reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression. Besides innumerable physical benefits yoga teaches us how to relax, find inner peace, balance, self-discipline and sustainable happiness. With detailed alignment classes daily you will learn from Indian yoga masters how to take your yoga practice back home with you. Be the best you can be in 2018-2019 at Yoga & Meditation teacher training  School India!

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