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Mantra’s  Yoga & Meditation -Travellers Holiday Vacation Retreats

What makes Mantra Yoga & Meditation such an outstanding choice?
Its stunning location
Situated in Rishikesh, widely regarded as the birthplace of yoga, our school offers you the chance to study in one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. In the foothills of the Himalayas, you will be able to draw on the natural energies and clean air of this pristine place, greatly benefitting your yoga journey.

Small class sizes
We believe that the best way to ensure our students are learning in the best possible way is to really make a personal connection with them. To help with this, we only ever teach small-sized classes, so that each student gets the attention and help that they need.

Highly experienced teachers
Mantra Yoga & Meditation prides itself on the professionalism and experience of our yoga teachers. All of them have been carefully selected because they are yoga experts, and know the best ways of granting you the knowledge that you need to become a successful yoga teacher. We only accept the very best, and we think that you should, too.

A strong support network
Over our many years of teaching yoga, we have built up connections with people all over the world, and would be delighted to draw on those connections to help you take those difficult first steps towards becoming a yoga teacher, or even opening a yoga school of your very own.

Dedicated to your success

We’ve made it our mission to help students from all around the world to become accredited yoga teachers, and will do everything in our power to ensure you succeed. Thanks to our individual approach to every student, we will be able to push you to achieve more than you ever dreamed of, and become a genuine yoga master in as little as 200 hours.

Established and successful
We have already taught hundreds of students from across the world, as well as welcoming in many more people to take advantage of our yoga and meditation retreats. All of our previous feedback has been highly positive, and we are always looking at new ways of providing an even greater service to new students.

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