Mantra Yoga & Meditation –Beginners & Intermediate 200 Hours Residential Yoga Teacher Training & Retreat for global travelers to (Bharat) India.  The best Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Raja Yoga, Spiritual Retreat & Meditation teacher training ashram in Rishikesh is an RYS 200, Yoga Alliance, the USA accredited International multi-style yoga certification school & Vedic Ayurveda, Life healing, Panchkarma center.

Mantra  Meditation & Yoga School Ashram is offering you a Top rated yoga teacher training program to become a global yoga meditation certified Instructor.a unique health & self-discovery Specialized International holistic 200 hr Yoga training program in Rishikesh. Course curriculum based on Patanjali Yog sutra consisting 65 basics to advance Yogic asana, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga & traditional Hatha Yoga style.

Also an opportunity for healers, Yogis, therapist and wellness professionals to become a meditation teacher,spiritual leader participating in our Guided 300 Hours Meditation techniques teaching, teacher training, tours & retreats in Rishikesh and Multi-style yoga training & retreat in Dharamshala, Manali, Goa in India & Himalayan village of Pokhara Nepal & Kelowna,Peachland, Canada.

Our Courses

We offer Yoga & Meditation course that range in challenge to fit every level

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation Certification Training & Retreat Fees-India

200 Hour Yoga TTC

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training Rishikesh
$ 1400 Per Month
  • 01st August to 28th August -2017
  • 01st September to 28th September -2017
  • 01st October to 28th October -2017
  • 01st November to 28th November -2017
  • 01st December to 28th December -2017
  • 01st January to 28th January-2018

300 Hour Meditation TTC

Guided Meditation Certification Training Rishikesh
$ 1400 Per Month
  • 03rd August to 30th August -2017
  • 03rd September to 28th September -2017
  • 04th October to 31st October -2017
  • 02nd November to 29th November -2017
  • 02nd December to 29th December -2017
  • 01st January to 28th January-2018

Beginner Guided Meditation Course

8 Days Meditation Training Rishikesh
$ 450 One Week
  • 03rd August to 10th August-2017
  • 03rd September to 10th September-2017
  • 04th October to 11th October-2017
  • 03rd November to 10th November-2017
  • 03rd December to 10th December-2017
  • 1st January to 08th January -2018

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Mantra experience helps you ignite your intention and build your core

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28 Days Become Yoga Teacher Challenge

Discover a new yoga instructor in you with our an International RYT 200 hour YTT

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