Ayurveda Healing Massage

Ayurveda Healing Massage

There is nothing more relaxing and stress-relieving than receiving a professional massage. Our masseuses have all had many years of experience in carrying out this delicate practise, and know just how to take all the tension out of your body, helping your mind to better focus on your yoga and meditation. Other benefits include making your body more flexible, to allow for more advanced yoga techniques, and as part of a more general detoxification process to improve your bodily and spiritual health.

Your massage will include a variety of oils and incense, to really open up all your sense, and leave you with a deep feeling of relaxation. Our massages are the perfect way to wind down after a particularly demanding yoga session, or simply for those who want to free themselves from the stresses of everyday life. They make the ideal complement to any of our sessions and courses, and we will be more than happy to assist in keeping your body as flexible and free from tension as possible.


Definition – Massage is an ancient Indian form of healing and treatment of the body mind and soul. It offers relief from pain, stiffness of jointsand muscles. It restores good spirits, provide comfort, boost energy and rejuvenate whole personality.

It is a emotional touch to Physical benefits of massage –

It enhances awareness of body.

Relieve tensions

Restore flexibility.

Break down waste products held in the muscles and improve the cleansing role of the lymphatic system. It creates a feeling of wholeness in the body and mind.

Signs of stress in human body –

  1. Neck bent, tension in the shoulders.
  2. Spine is rigid, Tha jaw and face are tight with tension. The chest is caved. Tension in patiente.

When not to give a massage –

High fever or skin disease, Swelling part of body, fresh wounds, Acute back pain or severe injury, Heart disease, Blood cancer, Epilepsy, Pregnancy.

Time it right – Body (full) 1 – 1 – 30

Neck and head massage 20, 30 m

Foot massagew – 20 m

20.Temperature 21 °C

How much oil – 30 ml to 100 ml

Take oil on the hand make warm

Head – feet

Neck – calfes

Shoulder – knee

Back and back bone – Thaies

Buttocks – Pelvic

OilCoconut oil, Sun flower, Salt lower, Almond, Musterd, Castor oil, Seasome oil, Ground nut oil.

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