Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is all about movement- drawing on more advanced and physical asana, Building on ashtanga yoga asana, it focuses on the movement from one pose to another, and as such is often referred to as a “flow class”. Again, breathing is an integral aspect of Vinyasa yoga, in order to completely focus the mind and body on the asana to draw full benefit from them. Sun salutations are common in Vinyasa yoga, and it is recommended as an intermediate class due to the amount of physical activity involved. Vinyasa yoga teacher training in India

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a special form of yoga where one breath is associated with one movement. It is called flow yoga because of the regularized way in which the poses go. The person performing Yoga elegantly changes the pose and the breath, making it look like a choreographed dance form. The breath and the transitions act as connections in the asanas. The breath is the primary factor and it changes with every pose of the asana like we do in Sun Salutation.

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence – Vinyasa yoga teacher training India ( 75 Minutes) Class at Mantra Yoga School India

Warm Up with Vinyasa yoga standing pose, inhale and high up your hands in center

Set your Intention, Feel and beat against your thumbs, Open palms, neck stretches, standing half and forward fold.

Step back to downward dog. Child pose, Thread needle. All fours, spinal balance, option to reach for ankle and bring leg and arm out to side & hold.

Sun Salutation: A +B  – 3 times each. B add a twist. B add a twist, side crow option.

Flow: Warrior 1  – Humble Warrior  | Warrior 2 – Reverse Half bind. Warrior 1 /2 Reverse, Side, and bind.

Add birds of Paradise, add half moon. Forward fold facing side.

High lunge, clasp hands and backbend

Prayer Hands over head & backbend.

High lunge with a twist (reach back).

Low lunge, clap overhead & backbend.

Hem stretch – option to split.

Balance – Tree and arm balance.

Core + Spine  – Boat pose, Raw boat, locust, Bow Pose.

At  Wall – Dolphin , 3 leg Dolphin , option to forearms stand.

Rabbit – Sasank Asana.

Cool Down – Pigeon pose 1 time. Spinal twist, legs up to wall or shoulder stand.

Bridge – wheel.


Ashtanga yoga is great for core strength and toning of the body. It is also known as eight-limbed yoga.  This Yoga form utilizes the eight limbs to achieve full realization.

The Vinyasa Flow yoga is thus the asanas associating the eight limbs and each movement in synchronization with a breath.

Benefits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga:   Yoga basically acts as a guideline for a purposeful life. It has a number of health benefits in improving your body, mind, and soul.

  1. Improve muscle strength and flexibility
  2. Muscle Toning
  3. Lubrication of joints
  4. Releasing chronic tension
  5. Improvement in blood circulation
  6. Promotes self- awareness
  7. Aids weight control

Why Vinyasa Yoga?As the system combines the series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing, the energy of the body is channelled through locks (bandhas) and some points are then concentrated. Learn more at Mantra Vinyasa yoga teacher training school India

This particular form helps in internal cleansing of the body. Breath in regularization with body movements make the blood boil and helps it move freely throughout removing the pain, impurities and the toxins. It also boosts inner peace and helps the person stay motivated.

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