The First Female Yoga Teacher

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The First Female Yoga Teacher – Indra Devi The First Woman Yogi- Indra Devi The First Lady of Yoga known as Mother of Western Yoga – Indra Devi (1899 – 2002) Real name: Eugenie V. Peterson. Indra Devi is a stage name she adopted to star in Bollywood movies. She is called Mataji (mother) by her followers. If you…

Why to Choose Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala

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Why and How to choose a Yoga teacher training Centre in Dharamshala? Some Best reason to do Yoga teacher training in Dharamshala are as follows: Within a month-long Yoga Vacation course Himalayan Stay experience Budget Travel opportunity The inclusion of Course Fees – Room and Meals. Global Vistors for Retreats Best Sightseeing in Dharamshala Most suitable Weather in Summer. For…

Yoga Holiday in India

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Yoga Tourism in India Yoga holiday, tourism India has seen a robust growth over the last two decades. With a lot of awareness being raised with respect to the healthy living, yoga is in prime focus. Yoga has benefits beyond just keeping you physically healthy. Yoga is perfect for a more holistic way to transform your body and mind towards…

Meditation for Mental Wellness

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Connecting the dots of self-care for improved mental wellness Good self-care is a vital component in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Without an appropriate self-care program, mental well-being can suffer. Here is important information for connecting with a healthy self-care routine. Our 200 hour yoga and meditation teacher training in Rishikesh , Dharamsala India is a yoga holiday retreat for self…

Beach Yoga in Goa

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Beach Yoga Teacher Training Class in Goa Why to practice Yoga in Beach? Today as we all know that we are living in thetechno and unnaturalenvironment that is prone to deteriorating health conditions and it has become very important to look after our health and fitness. One of the best and trending way to enhance our physical/Mental, Emotional and Intellectual…

Hatha Vs Ashtanga Yoga

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What is the difference between Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga? Hatha vs Ashtanga Yoga Yoga goes beyond just physical practice. It combines the strength of both the body and mind. This kind of exercise requires focus and concentration, mainly on breathing. Those who practice yoga know how effectively conscious breathing can impact their experience of yoga. Yoga has many different…

Palavani Pranayama – How to walk over water Technique

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Learn how to float over water with Palavani Pranayama Technique When you see a beautiful beaches or swimming pool nearby and some people floating or swimming, the first thing comes in your mind if I could walk over the water. It is a truth that you can walk over water but it is not easy to do unless you do…

Pranayama The Breathing Techniques

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Why Breathing Techniques Are An Ideal Starting Point When you see photos of people practicing yoga in beautiful and interesting places around the world, it can be hard not to want to join in. These people tend to look so relaxed, so healthy, and so focused on wellness that you can’t help but want to emulate them and their experiences….

Mantra Yoga

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Mantra Yoga Japa Meditation: Theory Mantra Yoga is an exact science. Mananat trayete iti Mantrah –“By the constant thinking of Mantra one is protected and released from the round of births and deaths.” A Mantra is so-called because it is achieved by the mental process. The root “man” in the word Mantra comes from “tra” from “trai” meaning “to protect…