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Palavani Pranayama – How to walk over water Technique

mantra July 15, 2018 0 comments 0

Learn how to float over water with Palavani Pranayama Technique
When you see a beautiful beaches or swimming pool nearby and some people floating or swimming, the first thing comes in your mind if I could walk over the water. It is a truth that you can walk over water but it is not easy to do unless you do the right practice to make your body light enough to walk over water!

Palavni Pranayama

Palava Means to float over water. The Palavni pranayama technique is used by monks and saints to do the cleansing of Breath and make the body light enough to float over water. By regular practice of this Pranayama, the body gets thoroughly purified and become light that It can float over water.

Technique Procedure

Sit in comfortable meditative postures with head, neck and back in straight line. Choose meditative Asana like- Padmasana or Siddhasana.
Keep your Eyes gently closed and relaxed the Body.
With rounded lips, Inhale from mouth deeply. (when you inhale abdomen goes out when you exhale abdomen goes in)
Keep breathing and Fill your lung with air and expand your chest
Hold breathing as long as possible.
Slowly lean forward and opening the mouth wide and taking the tongue out, Exhale the air completely and Remove the last traces of the little air from your lungs. Then Inhale from nostrils slowly and come up. This is one round.
Repeat the process 10 to 15 times or as long as you can.


Plavini Pranayama should be practiced in the guidance and presence of a Yoga Teacher.
Avoid doing this practice in the polluted environment, because the dirty air will directly go to your lungs without getting filtered and cooled in the nostrils.
It should be practiced empty stomach


Helps to remove the toxins and bad bacteria from the body
Digestion is improved.
The practice cleanses the alimentary passage by sweeping the area with air.
It serves as a substitute of Kunjal Kriya abdominal wash. Those who are unable to do Kunjal Kriya, May do this pranayama with all the benefits.
Helps to increase immune power and helps to get rid of constipation.
A regular practitioner of palavani pranayama can live without food and water for few days.
Helps to improve alertness and awareness.
Helps to stimulate our mind and body.
Namaste from Mantra Yoga India

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