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Yoga Holiday in India

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Yoga Tourism in India

Yoga holiday, tourism India has seen a robust growth over the last two decades. With a lot of awareness being raised with respect to the healthy living, yoga is in prime focus. Yoga has benefits beyond just keeping you physically healthy. Yoga is perfect for a more holistic way to transform your body and mind towards healthy living.

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Meditation training Dharamsala India

Yoga holidays in Rishikesh India – A lot of people have included yoga in their daily routine as a means to stay fit and achieve inner peace through mantra meditation. There are trained professionals across the world who teach yoga to enthusiasts in studios, more commonly in big cities also visit Rishikesh to practice yoga and grow on to the spiritual path.

While practicing yoga at your city is a decent proposition, why not combine yoga and a holiday at an exotic locale to break the monotony of daily life. This is now a teeming business idea and a way to propagate the knowledge of yoga to millions of people during a holiday through yoga tourism.

These days yoga is not only taught in a four-walled enclosure, but in pristine locations like a beach, a mountain or along the banks of a river. Since India is the birthplace of yoga, what other place is best suited when you can learn from the gurus themselves.

Yoga tourism in India blends spirituality and the physical sense of fitness and wellbeing seamlessly in their teachings. There are a lot of yoga retreats in India that impart this ancient knowledge. Some of the most popular destinations for a yoga retreat in India are in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, and more.

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Yoga Holidays in Rishikesh

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand holds the coveted title of the ‘Yoga capital of the World’. This holy town on the banks of the river Ganga close to the foothills of the Himalaya is renowned for its rich yoga and spiritual heritage.

The banks of the river Ganga in Rishikesh are lined with many temples. The ghat which leads people to the river has aartis being performed to the God every evening which is a spectacular sight to behold. The gently flowing river, chants from the temples and the occasional ringing of the temple bell set the mood for travelers to immerse themselves in the world of yoga. It is this ambiance that is unique which makes India and especially Rishikesh a sought-after destination for yoga enthusiasts.

Apart from the traditional way of learning yoga, there is a new and upcoming trend in this segment called yoga safari. This concept combines yoga training or practice in the midst of a wilderness where a jungle safari is included in the package.

Be it yoga in an ashram, by the beach or in a forest, yoga tourism in India will grow with years to come. The knowledge and experience of the trainers who practice yoga as a way of life are the best teachers to impart this valuable art to everybody.

Come, be a part of this great knowledge share and immerse yourself in a holistic improvement of your body, mind, and soul.

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